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US Vice President Pence vaccinated against Corona

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US Vice President Pence vaccinated against Corona

In addition, dying algae sink to the sea floor, the carbon in them is also locked in the sediment. Whales also migrate through the world’s oceans, transporting nutrients to nutrient-poor areas, where the cycle can also take place. 

How is the financial worth of a marine mammal calculated? 

The IMF scientists led by Ralph Chami assume that whales promote around one percent of phytoplankton growth. Studies also show that a whale binds around 33 tons of carbon by the time it dies – and beyond. They offset these estimated values ​​with the current carbon price. This results in the order of magnitude of 1.8 million euros per whale. The entire population has a financial value of more than 90 billion euros for the climate. 

Carbon dioxide (CO2) consists of carbon and oxygen and is a greenhouse gas. As such, it absorbs thermal radiation that is given off by the ground and thus cannot escape into space. It is true that the proportion of about 0.04 percent in the air is only relatively low and other gases also play a role in warming the climate. But carbon dioxide is crucial. That is why reducing CO2 emissions has long been a political issue.

How is the decline in the whale population affecting the climate? 

Currently, the population of large whales is estimated at around 1.3 million. A study from 2010 assumes that all baleen whale species together absorb 30,000 tons of carbon per year. If there were as many animals in the oceans today as there were before commercial whaling, the researchers estimate that carbon depletion would be 160,000 tons per year. So it would be five times higher. 

Do whales make a difference in reducing emissions? 

Even if whales have an impressive record of binding carbon, species protection is only a small factor in the fight against the climate crisis. For comparison: The Federal Environment Agency estimates the carbon emissions of the Federal Republic for 2018 at 866 million tons. The entire whale population on earth compensates for 30,000 tons per year. Nevertheless, climate protection is also a financial issue. For every whale that is not commercially caught and gutted, according to economists, carbon in the millions is bound.  

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 Are the results of the economists confirmed by biologists? 

The studies to which the calculations by the IMF scientists are based give estimates. It is not yet clear exactly how much carbon a whale ingests. There are also differences between the subspecies as well as between individuals. In addition, it has not been proven how large the proportion of whales in phytoplankton growth is. In this respect, the calculation is only an ideal type. Nonetheless, the approach and the logical reasoning suggest that whales that have been shown to ingest carbon have a financial value for the climate and benefit research and conservation of the world’s population. 

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E-scooters have been available in Hamburg since summer. Since then, the number of city bikes borrowed has decreased significantly. But the city announces a further expansion of the rental bike fleet.

Since the introduction of rental electric scooters in Hamburg, fewer city bikes have been rented. That emerges from the Senate’s answer to a small question from Left MP Heike Sudmann. In the months of July to September there were almost 89,000 fewer loans than in the same period of the previous year.argumentative essay on to kill a mockingbird Various providers of e-scooters for rent in Hamburg have been on the market since June.

According to the first findings of the traffic authority, each e-scooter makes an average of three journeys per day. “The average distance covered per trip is around two kilometers,” says the Senate response, which the NDR had reported on Tuesday. The duration of a journey is around eleven minutes.

Left-wing politician describes e-scooters as “rolling nonsense”

“The Senate figures refute the ludicrous claims that the use of electric scooters could also reduce car use,” said Sudmann. The short journeys showed “that scooters only replace the most environmentally friendly means of transport, namely walking and cycling”.

She described the e-scooter as “rolling nonsense with a battery drive” that has nothing to do with sustainability and climate protection. For the traffic turnaround to succeed, “massive support for traffic by bus, train, foot and bike” is required.

Hamburg wants to expand its city bike fleet

The traffic authority does not want to see any trend in the numbers. “The city bike is used very well, the number of loans is high,” said a spokesman. Since the fleet changeover on February 1, 2019, there have been around 2.3 million lending transactions with an average lending time of 23 minutes.

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In Hamburg there are currently 229 city bike stations with 4,381 docking places. “The city bike is unrivaled because most rides are free,” said the spokesman and announced a further expansion of the fleet. “The city bike is extremely popular and it will stay that way.”

Sources used: dpa news agency

The airport in Dortmund recorded a significant increase in passengers. The airport is particularly popular for flights abroad.

Dortmund Airport handled significantly more passengers in the first half of 2019 than in the same period of the previous year. As the city of Dortmund announced on Tuesday, the airport had a total of 629,900 passengers, 20.5 percent more.

The increase is even higher for flights abroad, because 579,800 of the 629,900 passengers flew abroad from Dortmund in the first six months of 2019. This corresponds to an increase of 24 percent compared to the same period last year, it said.

The other airports in North Rhine-Westphalia also recorded an increase in passengers. In the first half of 2019, a total of 10.1 million passengers took off from the six major airports, i.e. from Cologne / Bonn, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Münster / Osnabrück, Weeze and Paderborn / Lippstadt.

Criticism of cheap flights

Dortmund airport offers numerous connections abroad, including cheap flights to Budapest. These are, however, partly politically controversial, as the Hungarian Wizz Air in particular offers extremely low-cost flights for EUR 9.99 from three months before booking. Test buyers from the Aerospace Center (DLR) found out, as it became public on Tuesday.

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Since flies damage the climate, such extremely cheap connections have recently come under more criticism.

Sources used: press release from the city of Dortmund news agency dpa

SPD Environment Minister Schulze wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 95 percent by 2050. Completely unrealistic, says the industry. Resistance is also coming from ministries led by the Union.

German industry has warned the federal government against ambitious climate targets and burdens for companies. When it comes to industrial electricity prices, Germany is almost the front runner worldwide, said BDI President Dieter Kempf at a climate congress of the Federation of German Industries (BDI). “Highly ambitious climate protection goals cannot be achieved with one’s head through the wall, but only in harmony with economic efficiency and security of supply.”

Kempf called for the federal government to show its colors in climate policy. The goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 95 percent by 2050 is completely beyond reality. On the other hand, a CO2 reduction of 80 percent “with optimal political control” is manageable according to the current state of the art.

Quarrel in the coalition

The statements come in the midst of a political dispute over climate protection. Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) had submitted a draft for a climate protection law. The first step is to ensure that climate targets for 2030 are achieved. Schulze wants fixed specifications for the responsible departments in climate protection, such as for Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer or Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU). There is resistance to this in the Union.

Schulze also wants to reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions by “at least 95 percent” by 2050 – so far the coalition had stated a range of 80 to 95 percent in its coalition agreement. 

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 “There is now a great deal of impatience in companies in view of the contradictions in climate protection policy,” said Kempf. “The federal government should seriously ask itself whether, instead of an extremely expensive and inefficient pinpoint landing in 2030, it shouldn’t rather have the overall reduction target in mind and give the market ramp-up of the technologies more time.”

Sources used: dpa news agency

Berlin (dpa) – In view of the planned state subsidy measures for more climate protection, the federal government expects a drastic increase in its subsidies. According to media reports, these will reach the record value of 31.4 billion euros next year.


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US Vice President Pence vaccinated against Corona

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According to a report in the “Bild” newspaper (Saturday), this emerges from the new subsidy report by Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), which the cabinet plans to approve next Wednesday. The “Handelsblatt” had previously reported on it. A ministry spokesman refused to comment on the reports.

According to the reports, the volume of federal financial aid and tax breaks will increase from 21.8 billion euros in 2017 to 31.4 billion euros in 2020. The federal government’s subsidy policy is increasingly shaped by climate and environmental policy. In addition, another reason for the increase is the billions in funding for broadband expansion. In total, the subsidies were broken down into 93 different financial aids – such as building child allowance and hard coal subsidies and 105 tax breaks, for example for shift supplements or hotel accommodation.

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In October, the Federal Cabinet passed a bill on the new CO2 price. The aim is to make heating and fuel that are harmful to the climate more expensive. The state earns billions through emissions trading. In return, the federal government is planning relief – for example through a higher commuter allowance.

FDP parliamentary group vice Christian Dürr criticized: “Many subsidies are demonstrably ineffective and cost a lot of money. It would be fairer to cut senseless subsidies such as e-car bonuses, childcare allowances or hard coal subsidies and to give all citizens more of their money.”

The Green budget politician Sven-Christian Kindler said: “Climate-aggressive subsidies will continue to be funded by the federal government with billions in taxpayers’ money.” This is economically and ecologically extremely dangerous. “Instead of continuing to subsidize plastic bags, the agricultural industry, dirty diesel and the aviation industry with billions in taxpayers’ money, the federal government must finally cut these subsidies and use the money for investments in climate protection.” / P