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eGo-T Vape Pen Battery

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eGo-T Vape Pen Battery

Product Description

eGo T 1100 mah Battery with Charger

The ego T 1100 mah battery pack could be the ego that is perfect Pen for ce4 clearomizers and other fundamental cartridges currently available on the market. The ego pen may be the unit that began the rise that is insane of world-wide! Its simultaneously one of many easiest products to make use of along with probably the most reliable and efficient. 1100 mah batteries are robust and stable, sporting more then sufficient juice to energy ce4 atomizers along with some other pre-filled vape cartridges and reduced ohm atomizers. The ego vape pen is super easy to run. To begin, you’ll need the right atomizer or perhaps a pre-filled cartridge. We try not to suggest utilizing sub-ohm atomizers with ego pencils as there is certainly not juice that is enough power them. After you have screwed on the atomizer, click on the switch 5 times quickly. You ought to experience a blue led light behind the key light up and start blinking. As soon as it is performed blinking you’re going to be ready to fire up your atomizer. Hold along the button while drawing from the atomizer to start vaping. Once you’ve finished your vaping session, be sure to click on the button 5 times rapidly to energy down the vape. This is really important while it is in your pocket or bag, wasting your precious eliquid because you don’t want your ego vape pen to fire. If the ego pen has battery that is low the light behind the key will start blinking red. It into any usb charging port in your home, office or car when you want to charge your vape pen, unscrew the atomizer from the 1100 mah battery and screw the included usb charger onto the battery and stick.

510 Threaded: appropriate for all 510 tanks.

Lockable: battery pack features a 5-click feature that is on/off. Press the button 5 times within 2 moments to secure or unlock battery pack. Battery pack LED will blink blue whenever switching modes. As soon as the battery pack is in lock mode, the switch is disabled while the battery pack will perhaps maybe not power the clearomizer, atomizer, or tank.

Tank protection/Cutoff timer: In the event that button is depressed for 10 seconds, battery pack shall turn off until the key is released.

Battery Monitoring/Over-Discharge Protection: the product will monitor battery pack voltage and immediately turn fully off if the batter is discharged, preventing harm to battery pack by overly depleting it. The Light-emitting Diode will blink 5 times showing that a fee becomes necessary.

Charging: To charge the pen, just screw regarding the USB charger included with battery pack. Plug it into any USB port and cost.


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