You don't just book an Ad Space on

You do an Ad Campaign!

We provide a 7 day Ad Campaign for you with perfect timing and sharability. Content and design is done by us. All you need to do is give us your product/business idea and sit back.

It's quick and effective.

What You Get

Campaign flow

We design your campaign and flow of content.

Ad Designing

Graphics and content shall be done by us as well.

Multi Mediums

We will be sharing your content on all our networks.

Ad Mediums


Your Ad shall be featured on the website Header | Side Bar | Footer. All 3 ads shall be different and target specific consumers. You shall also get a Landing page where your details and contact form will be provided.

Note: Footer Ad shall be immune to AdBlock Plus as well.  


With over 5000 Followers on WhatsApp, has one of the best networks for your brand and business. With a global database and sharable content created by us, your Ad's visibility will be 15 times more than our Database at all times. One Link for your website our landing page shall also be shared.

Note: Ads for WhatsApp shall be used on the footer of the site.

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