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Aroma Woods
Aroma Woods

Misk Khushbu Aroma Woods with essential oil


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Royal Agar Oudh
Royal Agar Oudh

Misk Khushbu Royal Agar Oudh available in 6ml & 12 ml

Royal Agar Oudh is extracted from Cambodian Oudh woods.

treat yourself a royal fragrance.

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Bukhoor Sticks
Bukhoor Sticks

Misk Khushbu Bukhoor Sticks available in 50 grams.

Bukhoor sticks is made with sandal wood powder blended with exotic quality oils for amazing aroma which leaves back good aroma & lasting results.

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Oudh Muattar
Oudh Muattar

Misk Khushbu Oudh Muattar available in 50 grams

Muattar is assorted with best  blends of Cambodian Oudh wood fragrance which leaves a royal aroma.

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