110ridas.com has Free and Premium Seller Memberships. Premium is just at INR 4500/- per year!

Premium Listing on 110ridas.com is the best online marketing and selling solution out there. Here’s why:

  1. Posting images on Whatsapp is useful only for short term sellers. Permanent Sellers and Manufacturers need a platform where their present and new customers can find them at any time. Whatsapp is not efficient to get new customers.
  2. 110ridas.com is perfect for manufactures of designer products. The products remain online even after they are sold – so you can show your past designs to anyone that searches you on Google.
  3. This is a perfect solution for large Rida shops. Your Name shall be found by all on Google and you can benefit from 110ridas active marketing to boost your Brand.
  4. The cost of marketing and listing your product online with 110ridas.com is just INR 4500/- per year, which is much lower than creating your website and promoting your business with ads. Your Brand Visibility will be 500 times higher than placing an ad in a magazine.
  5. Our strong online campaigns and marketing will promote your business and increase your brand a well.
  6. 110ridas.com is the only place where buyers come online to “Buy” a product. This helps the sellers to sell better.
  7. 110ridas.com provides USD payment and International delivery services to all it’s members.
  8. Uploading a product takes less than 2 mins. – This product shall remain live at all times.
  9. All premium sellers that pay INR 4500/- shall get a custom weblink like a website which they can promote as their own website. eg: www.myridastore.com.
  10. All in all, this is the best online marketing and selling platform for the Dawoodi Bohra Community at a cheapest rate. We shall not allow more than a specific number of sellers to the premium listing to make our seller stores more prominent.

Please view the presentation below.