» » » Brown Chikan Rida With Floral Embroidery and Gold Panel

Brown Chikan Rida With Floral Embroidery and Gold Panel

This is a Brown Chicken Rida made using the Best Indian Cotton Fabric. The Material is self fashioned circular patterns all over.

The main design comprises of A Unique floral embroidery matching with the Black velvet work on the gold lace on the border. The colors used are bright & just go well with the fabric’s flow. 

A similar type of handiwork is also seem on the Pardi.

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Expressions of Faith


Expressions of Faith is owned and managed by a team of individual women located at Amakin-e-Mohammadiyah in Dombivali-Thane. This is the first exclusive store on 110Ridas.com. The team includes artists and entrepreneurs alike that have worked together to create and provide amazing Ridas to thousands of women since 2002.

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