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Latest Products

Multi-utility Pouch
Multi-utility Pouch


Can be used as:

  • Hand pouch
  • Storage pouch
  • Shopping/travelling bag
  • Two foldable wheels provided to aid effortless bulky shopping.


Rs.450 Add to cart
Foldable box Pouches- Clothing organizer
Foldable box Pouches- Clothing organizer
  • Folding clothes neatly,putting them systematically in a pouch and time to time removing them out and again putting back in. This task is simplified by these well shaped box Pouches with a zipper on top and a window zipper in front.
  • Waterproof
  • Moisture proof
  • Size– 50× 40 ×33 cm
Rs.610 Add to cart
Handmade Soaps- EARTH N PURE (5 oils)
Handmade Soaps- EARTH N PURE (5 oils)

5 oilsan absolute skin moisturizing bar

Wght– 90-100 gms

  • All the soaps are made with Aloevera soap gel ..Goatmilk and Beewax along with various flavours ..and natural herbs used.
  • No artificial colour  
  • No artificial fragrance 
  • No preservatives 
  • No chemicals..are used in the making process.
  • 100% Pure and Organic 
  • Ingredients are used..from the Goodness of Mother Earth😊
  • That is why we called them..Earth&Pure!!!🍁
  • All soaps are Halal
Rs.165 Add to cart
Cross Stitch Work Rida
Cross Stitch Work Rida

Colour : Beige 

Cross Stitch Work  (Kachchh Work) Ridas.

Fabric : *Premium Quality Luster Cotton*

Fast Colours Guaranteed

3 Piece Rida, 

2 Piece Pardi (1 Plain piece for Yok) 

(2 Metres × 27 Inch Kachchh Work piece for Pardi) 

All Round Kachchh Work Ghaghra *2 Metres*

Gher 35 inch

Note :- Cross Stitch Work (Kachchh Work) directly done on Material, No Pannels used. 

Disclaimer : We firmly believe that all the customers who order online are aware that colours seen on a Mobile Display/monitor will be slightly different as compared to the actual Product.

Rs.1,700 Add to cart

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